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Personal injury cases are costly and legally and financially complicated. They can also take months to resolve, during which case-related medical costs will pile up next to regular monthly bills. PrimeCare Network is here to be an ally to all parties involved, be they a healthcare provider, an attorney, or a patient, by providing care coordination and pre-settlement cash advances to cover medical care and daily living expenses. 

Below is a list of the types of cases that PrimeCare Network provides support and pre-settlement cash advances for.

Car Accidents

These cases cover incidents that range from fender benders to t-bone collisions and involve everything from small passenger cars to large semi-trucks. Car accidents can involve both injured drivers and passengers. These accidents are usually caused by motorists who are distracted, aggressive, or under the influence. Such negligent motorists may be held responsible for the costs of your ensuing medical care, prescription drugs, and compensation for lost wages.

Workers' Compensation

Employers have an obligation to take on Workers' Compensation insurance that pays benefits to workers who are injured or become disabled as a result of their job. These insurance claims are supposed to cover medical care, compensation for lost wages related to the injury, and any necessary rehabilitation and/or retraining. However, paying these claims can be expensive, so employers don’t always believe they are legitimate, creating undue delays in resolving them. Plaintiffs are responsible for proving the employer was “at fault” in order to receive a settlement.

Construction Negligence

Claims of Construction negligence originate from accidents caused by unsafe construction sites, improper equipment and/or worker training, faulty machinery, and other dangerous work conditions. If you’re a construction worker that has been injured on the job, your employer may be held responsible for your compensation for lost wages, and any ensuing medical expenses and prescription drug costs resulting from the accident.

Workplace Negligence

Workplace negligence refers to actions and omissions by employers that lead to property damage, loss, theft, illness, injury, or wrongful death. These cases involve negligence on the part of the employer, a fellow employee, or a product, tool, or machine produced by a third party. In these cases, because the personal injury claim is based on fault a workplace negligence lawsuit may be filed. Since these cases are not considered “no-fault,” as workers' compensation cases are, it is the claimant’s burden to prove that the other party is liable.

Premises Negligence

A premises negligence lawsuit holds a property owner responsible for any damages arising out of an injury on that person or entity's property. In all states, owners that occupy a property must make a reasonable effort to maintain a safe environment for visitors to it. Injuries sustained while on a property with the property owner failing to warn you of a possible hazard may lead to the property owner being found negligent and liable. Premises negligence lawsuits encompass a wide range of accidents, but “slip and fall” cases are the most common.

General Negligence

General negligence refers to a circumstance in which another party's actions can be classified as improper care, causing harm to another party. The term indicates that an individual's recklessness resulted in injuries, necessitating the affected party to sue for compensation. A general negligence lawsuit can be pursued when a plaintiff becomes injured due to improper care of property and/or possessions. These claims cover a broad range of specific complaints, including animal bites, homeowner, and nursing home negligence.

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PrimeCare Network provides comprehensive financing for personal injury patients across the United States. For medical providers, we cash advance and manage existing medical liens. For lawyers, we can ensure their clients get the necessary treatment in a timely manner. For patients, we provide pre-settlement financing for living and medical expenses, as well as comprehensive care coordination. PCN uses NorthstarDoc providers network to connect patients with providers.




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