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It’s no secret that sustaining a personal injury is costly and that these types of cases can get complicated both legally and financially. PrimeCare Network is here to assist all parties involved in any personal injury case that occurs in the United States to ensure only the best, most seamless care and care coordination. Whether you are a healthcare provider, an attorney, or a patient, we can give you the peace of mind that you need when you’re dealing with a personal injury case.

During a complicated personal injury case, medical professionals know they need to provide prompt treatment. At the same time, a patient’s financial situation may make it hard for them to get the treatment they need. With our medical lien financing services, we can essentially absorb the financial burden of the patient while they are being treated. That way, doctors and surgeons can treat the patient with zero worries, and the patient can sooner begin recovering. 

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Personal injury cases require patients to work with various specialists. They also need several follow-ups over the course of their treatment. Rather than forcing patients to time their own appointments and communicate every update with all of their specialists, our dedicated care coordinators will handle all of this. They will ensure that patients get the best care every step of the way.

A patient can choose to seek a personal injury attorney to carry out their case. For a strong case, proper record keeping and data gathering are imperative. PCN is fully equipped and committed to helping attorneys process cases by ensuring all of the right medical advice and treatments have been followed. Communication is key when managing any personal injury settlement case in Houston, so we take great care to streamline communication from beginning to end.

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Pre-Settlement Cash Advance For Living Expenses

While patients undergo personal injury treatment, they may not be able to work or save money. However, time and life go on. To help patients cover their daily living expenses, such as rent, gas, food, utilities, etc, we can offer pre-settlement cash advances. This means that we can provide patients with cash at no risk so they can still pay their bills and focus more on recovery than the financial stress associated with not being able to work. It’s worth noting that there are no up-front costs. We will get paid only when the patient receives their settlement.

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PrimeCare Network provides comprehensive financing for personal injury patients across the United States. For medical providers, we cash advance and manage existing medical liens. For lawyers, we can ensure their clients get the necessary treatment in a timely manner. For patients, we provide pre-settlement financing for living and medical expenses, as well as comprehensive care coordination. PCN uses NorthstarDoc providers network to connect patients with providers.




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